Most Lever Action Rifles

1. Action Work

2. Routine Maintenance

Winchester Model 97

1. Action Work

2. Cut Down Barrel

3. Replace Front Sight

4. Routine Maintenance

SXS Shotguns

1. Cut down Barrels

2. Slick the Action

3. Lighten Lever Release Spring

4. Replace Front Bead Sight - your size

Open Top Single Action Revolvers

1. Fit Barrel to Frame

2. Install Ruger Style Plunger and Spring

3. Spring Kits and Install

4. Replace Front Sight - Bead or Blade

5. Tune Main Spring

6. Drop Hammer

Most Single Action Revolvers

1. Spring Kits and Install

2. Front Brass sight Replacement

3. Action Smoothed

4. Free Spin Cylinder

5. Drop Hammer install- as applicable


A Uberti 73, 66, etc. 

1. Carrier lightening
2. Cody Clone Short Stroke

3. 3rd & 5th Gen Cowboy & Indians Short Stroke Kits

4. Trigger Safety Spring Replacement

5. Mag. Alignment Tube and Install

6. Slix Main Spring and Install

7. Whisper Springs and Install

8. "Just Charlie" Extractor Spring and Install

9. Bolt modifications

10, Firing Pin Tuning

11. Accurate Timing Set-up

12. Marbels Front Sight Replacement

13. Stock Rear Sight Modification

14. Front "Slick" Sight - Large 

15. Lever Wrap

16. Single piece firing pin

17. spring loaded extracter

Custom gunsmith work is my pleasure. From routine maintenance to repairs and modifications, I specialize in the following;

Gunsmith by "Stumpman"

Replica 1865 Gatling Gun. The gun was built by Ultra-Matics Engineering. I modeled the carriage off of a picture from an original gun, one of two remaining in firing condition. With some help from my Dad "Short Tree" and Home Depot, it took 100 hours and thirty days to build. The gun is chambered for .45LC which makes it much more economical to shoot.